Our Services


We build and distribute utility apps such as Antivirus and OS Cleaners. Our users enjoy a full security suite which includes malware detection along with privacy, VPN, installed apps scan and memory reduction.

Our security engine was developed by the most professional security research team in the industry and includes a combination of AI driven and cloud based solutions


We make media streaming apps. Our apps allows users to stream and share video content in many formats such as local movies & series, live streaming, homemade videos and music.

Our apps are fast and globally available. Our goal is to provide social community of content sharing.


Merchants that choose to work with us will get a complete solution for their brand. We provide a fullĀ  eCommerce solution. Our customers enjoy complete transparency and unique experience that helps their users convert into paying customers.

We can customize our experience based on the brand, focusing on the funnel the user has to go through.


Our Dev team is the heart of our solutions. The team develops tools used by millions of users around the world so the requirements are a highly available, scaleable, traceable and fast performing software.

The development team focuses on Mobile, Web, and Cloud infrastructures.

In order to make our apps an industry leading solutions, we are required to constantly improve our core technologies. Our research team includes data science for building AI driven algorithms and Cyber researchers which deals with improving our security apps.

User acquisition is one of the most important things in a consumer facing applications. Our marketing and advertising team is responsible finding the right audience for every app using a converting creative mindset!

Once users installs an app, there should be at least one business model that makes the installation profitable. It’s all about generating revenue at minimum damage in user experience.

Focusing on installs is not enough. Apps must have x times more DAU than daily installs and it’s all about re-engaging users back into our apps by generating relevant content and providing the right services.



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